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Om Mani Padme Om Om Mani Padme Om Om Mani Padme Om Om Mani Padme Om

The Institute of Buddhist Learning Practice, or IBLP, with it's headquarters in Sydney, Australia, was established by His Eminence Khejok Rinpoche in 1989.

Since then, many more branches,& nbsp; which all bear the same name, IBLP, have been established by Rinpoche and his disciples throughout Australia, Canada and Asia.

The Dhe-Tsang Monastery in Tibet, with His Eminence as it's abbot, is the root monastery and spiritual centre of all IBLP branches. The IBLP is dedicated to spreading the Buddhist teachings, in particular the pure teachings of the Gelugpa tradition as taught by Lama Tsong Khapa. A regular program of:

is offered at each of the IBLP branches. Most of the courses are taught by the

Founder and Root Guru of IBLP,
His Eminence 
Khejok Rinpoche.

Other highly qualified masters of Buddhism serve as resident teachers or guest teachers at the IBLP branches. Some beginners' courses and talks are offered by experienced, ordained and lay followers.

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