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Download bhajans sang by Lord Sai Baba
Ram and wav bhajan files are currently being created courtesy of sai sister Nora from Argentina. Bhajans were sang by the Lord Sai Baba, Himself. It is the voice of the Lord. We are certainly very blessed to hear Him sing and to have Him teach us sing. And to have Him lead us in singing. Wow what a wonderful era we are into now!
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  • More sai bhajans are on the way. Please keep track here or will send you a short broadcast. Sai sis Nora from Argentina, is creating the ram/wav files and waiting to share with us. She is enjoying her internet seva. Anybody interested to perfrom internet seva, please email webauthor.

  • Make sure you have the players capable of playing .wav and .ram files. The players for example are:
    • RealPlayer......shareware.... single play mode only.
    • PureVoice.....shareware.... has repeat play mode
    • YStation by Yamaha....has repeat play mode

    Some players allow you to arrange the songs and enable continous/repeat mode. The net effect is: you can simulate a bhajan session in your desktop pc/notebook while working on your desktop. If you need help, email me or sai sis Nora's email

    For example a mini pc/notebook bhajan session:

      21 Oms
      5 Gayatri....rpt 5x
      Ganesha bhajan
      Govinda bhajan
      Krishna bhajan
      Gangaj bhajan
    Well well well, we are working on the above. Keep tap here.